Former Chef poisoned German man and takes 1M THB.

A former female chef at a famous hotel has poisoned a German man and robbed him of 1 Million THB for plastic surgery to get a new face. The chef admitted to the police that her main goal was to find the money for surgery, hoping to become a beautiful woman. This shocking incident took place in Hua Hin District, a famous tourist destination in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province not too far from Bangkok. Police Colonel Arun Wachisrisukanya, Police Lieutenant Colonel Pakornkiat Pongthanikorn, and related officials arrested the former chef named Tasnonthaporn 46 years old from Sa Kaeo Province. The suspect has been charged with committing theft during the night. 


Tasnonthaporn was arrested in front of a home in Kamphaeng Phet Province. The incident took place in May of this year while she was still working as a chef at a famous hotel in Hua Hin. She approached the German man and gained his trust. The suspect then asked the victim whether they could spend time together in his home. The man agreed and the victim later committed the crime. 


When they arrived at his home she offered him a drink. The suspect secretly mixed sleeping pills inside the drink before handing it over to the victim. Once he was asleep, Tasnonthaporn searched his home looking for valuable goods. She ended up taking from him over 1 Million THB worth of goods before running away. The victim filed a report with the Hua Hin Police against the former chef. As a result of the investigation, officials discovered her identity and issued an arrest warrant. Tasnonthaporn admitted after she was arrested that she wanted to find money mainly for face surgery and a few other personal reasons. She has been arrested and is currently in the prosecution process. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: She approached the German man and gained his trust before going to his home, where she mixed sleeping pills into his drink. 


Source: Sanook,