Former Pattaya boxer badly punched up by Cambodian gang

A FORMER Pattaya boxer was hospitalized after being severely beaten by a gang of five to six Cambodians with the motive still unknown and the police are hunting down the suspects, Thai News Agency said today (August 28).

Rescue foundation staff and a Pattaya hospital doctor gave the boxer, Adisak Sangwarn, 46, first aid and rushed him to the hospital after he was found in a severe unconscious state in Soi BJ off Walking Street in South Pattaya.

When he revived the injured boxer said while still not fully conscious that in the past he was a show boxer at a Pattaya beer bar but gave it up after he lost his eyesight. He then turned to playing music on the street for donations to support his family.

However last night five to six Cambodians ganged up against him and beat him up so badly he lost consciousness and only revived again in the morning after which he crawled out to ask the residents to help.

Pattaya police station investigators are still waiting to question the injured boxer in detail as they move to arrest the suspects for legal action.


Top:  The badly beaten up boxer when he was found this morning. Photo: Thai News Agency



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