Frenchman killed while trying to stop brawl

A YOUNG Frenchman who intervened and tried to stop a squabble between a drunk Thai man and another Frenchman at a guesthouse in Bangkok’s old city last night was himself stabbed to death by the Thai man, Thai News Agency reported this morning (May 3).

Police identified that deceased young French tourist as Leo Alexander who died after a single brutal stab in his left chest at a bamboo bar of the guesthouse behind Phra Sumen fort on Phra Arthit road.

Police investigation revealed that the Thai man, Pae, had been drinking at this bar with his girlfriend from early evening till midnight.

He then started urinating into a nearby canal but another Frenchman, only identified as Mr S, walked by and saw him doing so and told him that this is inappropriate behavior.


The two men then started quarrelling, and Leo Alexander saw them and stepped into to stop the fracas.

Pae then took a few steps away, picked up a knife, and stabbed the victim in the chest, killing him on the spot.

Pae tried to escape but was caught by Chana Songkram police and is being held for further legal action.


Top: The dead Frenchman’s body is covered with a blue sheet at the guesthouse. Photo: Thai News Agency

In-text: The guesthouse where a rowdy brawl led to the young Frenchman being stabbed to death. Photos: Thai News  Agency