Futsal stadium gets tough after outrage over pretties

THE manager of a futsal stadium where spicy photos of pretties, or promotional models, together with the players were taken and went viral online vowed to impose stricter rules to prevent such an incident from occurring again, Sanook.com quoted Amarin TV as saying today (March 6).

A team of Amarin TV reporters visited this futsal stadium in Petchkasem area of the city and talked to the caretaker, Mr Wanchai Srimelarb, who explained that these provocative photos were taken during a special match when the stadium was rented to outsiders, and that there are not pretties there.

He added that nothing like this had ever occurred at this stadium before and what happened would be the first and last time.

Pretties and futsal palyers

Wanchai also said that he personally thought having pretties around would add color to winning a trophy, and that they would be there only to cheer.

However he got a shock when he saw the photos, and will now firmly impose stricter rules because he does not want the stadium’s image to be ruined.

Amarin TV’s reporters walked around and observed that the area where the pretties were sitting and cheering with the futsal players is like an amphitheater.

The pretties also only stayed in that area and did not walk around, only doing so to take photos and hold the trophy.


Top and in-text: The much talked about photos of pretties with futsal players. Photos: Amarin T