Gen Anupong hedges on political future

INTERIOR Minister Gen Anupong Paochinda today (Sept 27, 2018) said it is difficult for him to answer whether he will continue in politics because no one has asked him to do so thus far, Thai News Agency reported.

He pointed out that if he stated that he was ready to do so, it would have implications. Moreover he has to see who asks him first because he is now older and there are a lot of other people in the field.

“I confirm that throughout the 4 years of being a minister, I have not been interested in politics.  That I took up this post is because (Prime Minister) Gen Prayut, who has known me since I was a child, asked me to, and I decided to do this work to the best of my ability,” he said.

He added that he could not yet answer whether he will support Gen Prayut to continue as prime minister because he would like him to more clearly state his intentions.


Top: Gen Anupong talking to the press this morning. Photo: Thai News Agency