Gen Prawit ignores pro-election group’s 3 proposals

DEPUTY Prime Minister and Defense Minister Prawit Wongsuwan this morning (March 26) ignored 3 proposals by the pro-election group, pointing out that the country is following a predetermined road map, Thai News Agency reported.

The 3 proposals are that the general election be held by November this year; the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) be shut down; and the armed forces stop supporting NCPO in every way.

However, Gen Prawit said those making such moves are harassing the government because the government has never said there will not be an election.

Right now the country is following a predetermined road map and election will be held next February, he added.

Gen Prawit also said this group threatened to raise the level of their gathering on  May 5 if their proposals are not accepted, as they will be coming to the Government House, but the public should go and see who all are involved.

The number of people who did gather were not very many of them, he said, adding that their proposal that the armed forces separate itself from NCPO will not happen because the armed forces are in NCPO and the two are one and the same.

Asked whether the pro-election group’s gathering falls under the category of a security risk, Gen Prawit said to go and have a look, the country is following the road map so what more do they want.

Regarding whether to find fault with the pro-election group according to the law on public gathering, Gen Prawit said this would depend on whether or not anyone files a complaint.’


Top: Gen Prawit talking to the press today. Photo: Thai News Agency