Giant king cobra caught turned out to be super friendly.

A giant cobra was caught but turned out to be super friendly. The persons who caught the cobra reveal it is not acting like a normal king cobra at all. You can pet this cobra and carry it however you want but it will not attack or even threaten you. King cobras can grow very long and are the longest of all venomous snakes. They live an average of 20 years in the wild and the scientific name is Ophiophagus Hannah. King cobras are vulnerable to extinction in the world but are actually common in certain parts of Thailand. King cobras are very dangerous but are usually shy to humans. They are fast and will attack if they feel in danger. 



This king cobra is different as it will not act like a usual venomous snake at all. If bitten and not taken to a doctor in time, you can die. A TikTok user named Bankwijitpong posted a video online showing the King Cobra. The post was captioned “You would think this was a fake snake”. In the video, a man wearing camo clothing is holding the cobra in his hand. The cobra was still and his hood was normal. The cobra lets you hold it however you want and it will not attack. The cobra can be dragged across the floor. You would think this was a pet snake but is actually a very venomous wild reptile. 



The video went viral online shortly after it was posted. Most state they are still terrified and will not touch it even though it is very tame. Here are some fun facts about King Cobras. The hood is actually made from ribs and muscles that move together. The hood is used to scare enemies away and the snake will often stand up and hiss to threaten humans. The venom is a deadly neurotoxin that affect the nervous system if bitten. King Cobras mainly feed on other snakes but will eat small animals if they have to but they can go months to years without eating. Cobras use sound to protect themselves and can move as fast as 12 miles per hour. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The cobra lets you hold it however you want and it will not attack.


Source: Khaosod