Girl Becomes a thief to end bullying in the workplace.

A 20-year-old girl robbed items from the department store. When she was arrested, she claims to have committed the theft due to pressure from her workplace. The suspect works as a bartender at a nightclub in Pattaya. The police arrested her at 23.30 on 3 December 2019 at a Big C extra convenient store in Banglamung District, Chonburi Province.


When the police arrived they found the suspect Pat 20 years old held inside the convenient store by an employee at the Big C extra store. Officials found evidence including cosmetics, skincare, sunglasses, and Perfume worth together about 500 THB. The goods were placed in her black purse. The store employee stated that she kept an eye on the suspect since she walked in. The suspect walked around the convenience store for a while and picked up many items to purchase, mainly cosmetics and beauty products for women. Then when she decided to come to pay for her items at the cashier the employee noticed that she only placed some items from the shelves to pay for.


The convenience store employee knew that she had taken more items than what she wanted to purchase at the counter. The employee asked to see what was inside of the suspect’s bag to which she found items that were missing from the display shelves. This is when the police were notified of the theft to which they went to inspect the truth at the store.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


When the police arrived they found the suspect and the employee that caught the suspect. Pat admitted to the police when they arrived in tears that she truly stole the goods. The main reasoning behind the crime was to help stop her from being bullied by the other employees in her workplace. Pat works at a bar and was bullied daily by the other workers. They informed her that if she could steal items from the convenience store without being caught then they would stop mocking her.


Pat was tired of the bullying that she had to face daily so she decided to take action as she was dared to and came to the local Big C Extra convenience store at night to steal some items as proof that she was brave. Although her reasoning to the crimes is sad, but her crime of theft was committed and therefore she will be prosecuted as normally by the Police.


FB Caption: Pat decided to steal some items from the convenient store as proof to other workers at the bar that she was brave and didn’t deserve the daily bullying from coworkers.


Source: Sanook