Girl drinks in the car, drives into a river, then tries to blame a rescue car.

A girl was found in a bad accident from driving into a river by the road. At first, she stated on her own Facebook that a rescue car was to blame. Little did she know, that secrets don’t last long in the modern world. Not long before the accident happened, the girl posted a picture in her car with a beer bottle in her hand.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


The online world confronted her with the truth after she tried to blame the driver of the rescue car. At first, she deleted the post, but the internet didn’t feel that she was truly sorry, so she ended up closing down her Facebook for the time being.


The Sanook News team reported that the women posted a negative opinion that tried to lead netizens to fully believe that the rescue car was to blame. Then the rescue car driver came forward and told the truth that she made to story up because she realized that at the time of the accident, she was driving drunk.


The post stated “A rescue car kept pushing my car until it fell in the river, he didn’t even apologize and dares to say that he did not drive into my car. I have to spend about 100k of my own money to fix the car.”


Netizens believed the post at first and shared the post onto their own Facebook page. Then a rescue team officer came forward and told the other side of the story, to remind netizens to always wait until you know what truly happened before believing a story you see online.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


There is proof that the rescue car is not to blame as there is car security footage on the rescue car blamed, security footage on the hospital emergency van, and witnesses in the area that saw what happened all revealed that the car started to shake then it headed into the river.


A witness that tried to help the girl when she drove into the river reported that the girl was speaking in slurred speech when they found her, one key symptom that a drunk person has. She also stated to the witness that “I’m OK, I’m not hurt, plastic surgery hurt more than this accident honey”.




The truth came out when netizens started searching for the truth and discovered that not long before the accident the girl checked-in to a pub and posted a picture of her drinking in her car with a beer bottle in her hand. After she was caught, she posted one last post before closing her Facebook down stating “I am sorry if I mentioned any organizations, I have deleted the post and wish that all this ends now”.


FB Caption: The girl tried to blame a rescue car driver, then the truth came out when netizens discovered that she had posted a picture of her drinking in the car with a beer bottle in her hand not long before the accident happened. This, added to the witnesses statements and security footage from multiple vehicles, confirms that she has been lying.


Source: Sanook