Gold robber managed to get away with just one necklace.

A gold robbery took place in Tha Kham, Bangkok. The robber managed to get away with just 1 necklace and a gold amulet. Police Captain Mo Rana from the Tha Kham Police Station received notification on 31 March 2023 of a gold robbery. The gold shop is located in Big C Mall on Rama 2 road. Related officials went to the gold shop located on the first floor of the mall. Officials found Suwanna 25 years old, an employee inside the store. Suwanna stated she was working with another employee behind the counter. The robber who looked to be around 30 years old, 165-170 centimeters tall, with tan skin, and short hair walked in. 



The robber wore a hoodie and long jeans. He walked in and asked to look at gold necklaces and gold amulets. The necklace and amulet are both 1 baht of gold worth together 40,920 THB. Suwanna showed him both items. The robber grabbed both items and ran out the door right away. He escaped out of the front entrance and Suwanna decided to call the police right away. The robber in this case did not aim to rob a lot of gold. Chances are he needed some funds right away and couldn’t find a better solution. 



Investigation police have checked the security footage from the area and found out the robber drove a Honda PCX motorbike. The license plate could not be seen through the footage. As soon as the gold was taken the robber ran outside to the motorbike. He then drove onto Rama 2 road. Officials are investigating the escape route and where the man was heading to. Police believe that the robbery was planned out. This is not a sudden robbery and the gold shop was targeted. The investigation will continue and hopefully, his identity will be revealed soon. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The robber asked to see a gold necklace and an amulet then ran out. 


Source: Khaosod