Gold robber who used fake bomb now arrested.

The gold robber who used a fake bomb to distract police has now been arrested. The main reason that revealed his identity is because he attempted to sell the gold afterwards at a different gold shop. The robber was arrested along with 1 more suspect who helped carry out the robbery. The gold robbery took place at a mall in Ayutthaya Province, but he tried to sell the gold in Pathum Thani Province. The robber used a gun to commit the robbery and was wearing a black helmet. He managed to get away with 95 Baht of gold worth over 2.8 million THB. Before leaving he placed a fake bomb to distract the police in front of the gold shop. 



The incident took place on 4 November 2022 then investigation police found a motorbike with no license plate on the 9th. This was the motorbike used to escape from police after the robbery. The vehicle was abandoned inside a bush. Then on the 11th police arrested the 46-year-old suspect along with another man. This man picked up the robber from where the motorbike was abandoned to continue the escape from police, approximately 4 kilometers away from the gold shop. Investigation revealed the information of the truck. 



Police were able to find the identity of the suspects from the vehicle registration information. They kept close track of the men. Not long after the suspects traveled to Pathum Thani Province and attempted to sell some of the gold. The suspects would not have been found if they chose to stay silent, but instead they decided to sell the gold not long after the robbery took place. Both suspects are now arrested and will be prosecuted according to the law. 


CreditL Khaosod


FB Caption: The suspects may not have been caught if they didn’t rush to sell the gold. 


Source: Khaosod