Gold snatcher runs into victim at gold shop

IN an unbelievable coincidence a snatcher who got away with part of a gold chain he yanked from a woman’s neck runs into the victim at the same gold shop. However the robber got lucky again and managed to escape but left in motorcycle behind, Thai News Agency said today (Oct. 19).

This true story which is hard to believe occurred at Chinda gold shop in southern Songkhla province’s Hat  Yai city with the suspect, a man of around 25 to 30 years old, strolling in to sell a broken gold chain.

Thai gold shop

It was at that same moment that Ms Phiewporn Tanyakul, 31, who is the victim came in to exchange the other part of the gold chain for a new one.

When the two of them gave their broken gold chains to be weighed, it was clear that it was of the same design and together weighed half a baht with the broken links also fitting in together.

However the young man said he worked for the city’s municipality and found his broken chain the night before and if they do not believe him he could call his dad in to verify that this was true.

But when both the gold shopkeeper and the victim confirmed it was the same chain the young man walked out of the shop but was stopped from escaping by Ms Phiewporn husband who is a soldier in order to wait for the police to come.

However the young man managed to flee into an alley near the shop but left his motorcycle behind.

Police later identified the young man as being Hat Yai resident by the name of Mongkol Chaisiri, 27, with his image being similar to a footage captured by CCTV.

All of them, the police, the victim and the gold shopkeeper said this is an unbelievable coincidence because there are hundreds of gold shops in this southern city.


Top: The two parts of the gold chain that were reunited at the same gold shop. Photo: Thai News Agency

Inset: The gold shop where the snatcher and the victim met in a one in a million coincidence. Photo: Thai News Agency