Good citizen attacked after attempt to help accident victim.

A good citizen was attacked after she attempted to help an accident victim. A truck tried to cut in front of another car, but he lost control of the vehicle and fell off the road. The good citizen saw the accident and went in to help, the person inside the truck started to attack her before running off into the dark. Soeng Sang Police Station in Nakhon Ratchasima Province received notification of a truck accident on Seong Sang-Sra Takian Road near the entrance of Sra Takian Village. The local rescue team received notification and went to the accident location.


Credit: INN News


Officials arrived and found a Blue Isuzu truck with a Chonburi Province License plate in a swamp. There was no one inside the vehicle and no injured person was found near the accident. Titipan Sangsakunampai 45-year-old a local villager in Soeng Sang, Nakhon Ratchasima Province witnessed the accident and tried to help the truck driver. Titipan stated she just left the village when she saw a truck speeding on the left lane. He suddenly swifed into the right lane but then he lost control of the truck which ended up in the swamp by the road.


Titipan parked her car and ran to the truck. At the same time, another good citizen parked by the road and started to run towards the truck. The truck driver crawled out of his vehicle and ran to attack the good citizen. Titipan was shocked and decided to notify the police. She ran back to her car, drove to the police station, and returned to the accident location. The truck driver was no where to be found. The good citizen later revealed to her that the truck driver realized she was about to notify the police, so he ran away into the dark.


Credit: INN News


FB Caption: . The truck driver crawled out of his vehicle and ran to attack the good citizen. When he realized police was coming he disappeared into the dark.


Source: INN News