Good citizens help hold peeping tom who claims he was looking for a friend.

Good citizens helped hold a peeping tom while waiting for police after a woman screamed in the bathroom. The woman revealed she was using the bathroom as usual when she noticed an eye peeping through the door. Good citizens nearby heard her scream and found the man. The suspect later claimed that he was just looking for a friend. The bathroom is located inside a public park located in Udon Thani Province. The 191 inspection team received notification and went to the location right away. They found A 33 years old the victim, good citizens, and Pricha 43 years old the suspect on 29 June 2022. 



A stated she works as a school bus driver and parked her vehicle in the park after she dropped off the kids in the morning. She planed to spend time in the park until it was time to pick up the children. She needed to use the bathroom and while inside she felt like someone was stating at her. So she lowered her head and was shocked to find an eye staring at her through a hole in the door. She also noticed as he was turning away a light green shirt. 2 men who were nearby the bathroom heard her scream helped hold the man and also notified the police. Miss A stated “I was scared and shocked, even though he didn’t physically harm me but it was a dangerous situation. This incident shouldn’t have happened because it was a female bathroom. There should be more strict measure because many woman go into the bathroom alone. From now on I will use bathrooms that cause money and not free ones”. 



Pricha claimed he was not peeping and was simply looking for a friend. He is a construction worker and is unemployed in the moment. On the day he took his bicycle to the park and to meet a male friend. The friend needed to use the bathroom but because he needed to go immediately the friend went into the women’s bathroom. He tried looking for his friend by peeping through the holes on the doors and this is when Miss A screamed. Police do not believe Pricha’s claims and he is now waiting for prosecution. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Pricha claimed he was looking for a friend by looking through the holes on the doors. 


Source: Khaosod