Grandfather refuses to let Swiss dad take injured kids

THE Swiss father of 4 mixed-raced children who fell from the 4th floor apartment balcony leading to one of them dying wants to take them and raise them himself, but their Thai grandfather refused to let the children go because he allegedly never sent any money, TNN24 news channel reported today (May 3).

The 4 children, Luka Niran Borel, 11, Pamela Niran Borel, 10, Chanida Niran Borel, 7, Kanetcha Niran Borel, 5, fell off a small extended platform at a balcony of their 4th floor flat in Ramkhamhaeng area at 1.30 a.m. on Tuesday May 1, leading to the youngest boy dying almost immediately.

Luka and Chinida had been in critical condition and only Pamela was safe,  but Luka has since then recovered while the 7-year-old girl still remains in coma.

Nurses said Chinida’s heart had already stopped beating twice  and she was revived with cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

The body of the 5-year-old boy is still at the Forensics Department because the mother is busy taking care of the 2 critically injured children.

Mr Ud Prakaikaew, 68, the children’s grandfather, said their dad had got news of the accident and wants to take the children and raise them himself, but he won’t give them because the Swiss man never contacted him over the past 10 years nor sent child support.

Meanwhile Pol Lt Col Nopporn Sisuchart, deputy head for investigation at Hua Mark station, said investigation found that it would have been difficult for an outsider to have come in and deliberately pushed the children down from the balcony because the grandmother had firmly locked the door, with this to be opened when the mother returned from her night-shift job in the morning.

However, investigation is still continuing before a final conclusion is reached.


Top: Some of the children, left, and their mother with one of them in the hospital. Photo: TNN24 (