Grandma goes missing, turns out she’s just relaxing in forest.

An 89-year-old granny went missing on the 17th of this month. The police and rescue team were called in for a search, turns out they later found her in the forest relaxing. She even asked them “why did you come here?”.


The Si Racha police in Chonburi Province were notified from Somjai 60 years old that her mother named Sunee 89 years old went missing from their home. She thinks that her mother might have gone into the forest or the tapioca farm grown by the villagers in the area. The police traveled to Somjai’s home with the local rescue team along with pieces of equipment to be used in searching for the old woman.




The rescue team went into the Tapioca forest that was extremely deep and dark. The team separated into multiple groups with flashlights to avoid getting lost inside. Somjai stated to the police that her mother is old and often has memory issues. Sometimes her mother would walk back to their old home. When their old neighbors saw her mother sitting around they would deliver her back to Somjai.


She also likes to take walks in the tapioca farm that is across from their home, but her mother has never gone in this deep before and usually returns shortly. On the day of the incident, no one was home for the day. When they returned Sonjai’s mother was missing, the family tried looking for her from day to night and eventually decided to call the police.


Over 30 rescue team officers went in the tapioca farm and the surrounding forest. When they were about 800 meters deep inside they found her walking cane placed by a tree. A few meters after the cane they also found her hat and shoes that she wore every day. At this point, the rescue team had hope and knew that she must’ve been closeby. 20 meters ahead they found the granny relaxing in the forest.


The 89-year-old granny was laying down on the forest floor in total relaxation. When the rescue team woke her up she seemed confused, moments later she asked the rescue team why they woke her up as she was relaxing in her sleep. When the rescue team tried to talk to her, she always repeated the same answers and also told the officers that she was waiting for someone to come and meet her.


When the rescue team brought the granny out of the forest. She was safe and didn’t have any scratches or bruises but was extremely thirsty. The team then delivered the granny home to her daughter and family.


FB Caption: She asked the rescue team why they woke her up as she was relaxing in her sleep.


Source: Sanook