Grandpa almost died after swallowing crab claw.

A grandpa almost died after swallowing a crab claw. A doctor shared the story on his Facebook of a patient who came in because he couldn’t breathe, but the cause was unexpected. Doctor Arak Wongworachat the Principle of Sichon Hospital in Nakhon Si Thammarat Province posted on 28 August 2021. The doctor stated “A scary story to tell this Saturday morning. Relatives delivered this case yesterday in a rush. The patient couldn’t breath, had bad pain in his throat, was foaming at the mouth, couldn’t speak, and showed confusion. 


Credit: Sanook


The patient is a 70 year old male who was given a Covid-19 test right away. The patient could not communicate with the medical team. He kept holding his neck so doctors had an idea that something was bothering his throat. The Covid-19 test came out negative and the doctors looked into his throat but couldn’t see anything unusual. The patient had high blood pressure and when asked to rate his pain out of 10, he stated 10. He then received an X-ray that showed doctors something stuck in his throat. It was not clear at first but doctors could see 2 sharp lines. 


The Otolaryngologist ordered the patient pain medication before going into an emergency surgery. Because he was 70 years old the team had to make sure he would be safe, this includes checking his vitals and lung X-rays. When they arrived inside the surgery room the pain medication started working and the patient started to calm down. He started talking more and revealed he was having dinner which was crab curry rice noodles his son bought him from the market. The patient really enjoyed the meal and asked for more curry. He then swallowed a spoonful without chewing. He felt pain immediately and swallowed some rice but the pain got worse. The Doctor pulled out the crab claw in 2 pieces. 



FB Caption: The patient revealed the food was so good he swallowed a spoonful without chewing. 


Source: Sanook