Grandpa returns from death with a craving for blood.

A grandpa returned to life after he died with a craving for raw food. A doctor has come out publicly stating that what the grandpa has is an illness, not from mysterious spirits. Doctor Weerasak Charatchaisri posted on Facebook on 26 December 2022. A story went viral about a grandpa who died and came back to life. He started eating raw foods and relatives. The man is no longer who he was and there is a spirit living inside of him. The doctor brought up several points to explain the grandpa’s behavior. Dr. Weerasak stated, the grandpa suffered from liver disease in 2018 but could work normally. Then 2 months ago his condition got worse and he slept all the time. 



On the 12th of this month the grandpa craved blood. His grandchild went to a fortune teller on the 16th who stated the grandpa has a spirit waiting to use his body and that his soul would leave on the 18th. Then when the 18th arrived, his son could not find a heartbeat. After 10 minutes the 2 sons went in to hug their father one last time but suddenly the grandpa woke up with more energy than ever. The family believes that another spirit is now living in the grandpa’s body. Since that day, the grandpa would ask for raw food at 1-2 am. If he did not get some blood or raw food he would become angry and yell at family. 



The doctor stated the grandpa is suffering from brain disease related to his liver disease. He believes low blood pressure caused his heartbeat to slow down so the son believed his father was dead. When his body was moved by hugging or shaking, the grandpa woke up again. He did not actually die and come back to life. The doctor is asking the family to take the grandpa to the hospital for medical care. Without proper treatment he will only get worse and death will be waiting. Brain disease related to liver disease has symptoms that include confusion, anxiety, and a change in personality. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The family believed another spirit has taken over the grandpa’s body. 

Source: Khaosod