Grandparents chain and tortured 11-year-old

Grandparents chained and tortured an 11-year-old girl claiming she is naughty and likes to go play with friends. The two also claimed that they feel sorry for the child, but they have no choice but to punish the girl. The child stated to the Sanook News Team that she is very lonely inside the home alone. A Facebook page shared the story online on 31 July 2022 revealing how the young girl is being punished daily. The grandparents control her and often hit her with a stick. The post captioned “I have to ask permission from the admin and also from related sectors to please help this child. The grandpa is using a punishing method that is way too harsh”. 



The Sanook News Team went to the area in Buriram Province along with the Amarin rescue team and related officials. The group wanted to find the truth behind the post and found Beauty 11 years old. She was home alone and had a large chain on her left leg locking her to the room. The grandparents were not home. The rescue team performed a first aid check on her and found bruises on her neck. The team used special tools to remove the chain as it was hurting her leg. Beauty states that her grandparents chain her because they don’t like her playing with friends. She is very lonely and wants to play with others as she is alone all the time. They regularly punish her by hitting her with a stick and also strangle her. 



The grandpa returned home and admitted he chained Beauty and hits her using a stick. The grandpa claims Beauty is very naughty and often comes home late at night. He claims there is no other way to train her. He works every day and has turned to violence as a solution. He feels sorry for Beauty but doesn’t know any other way to teach her. A food vendor in front of Beauty’s home states that he saw the grandpa physically abuse Beauty. He came home, chained her to a pillar, tied her hands and feet, then hit her many times. The citizen heard Beauty scream with pain and knew he had to help. He captured a video of what was happening and posted the footage online. The food vendor stated he has seen the grandpa do this many times and hopes related official sectors will help the little girl. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: A food vendor has witnessed the grandpa physically abuse the little girl many times. 

Source: Sanook