Granny with 80 cats hated by nieghbors.

A granny looking after 80 cats is hated by her neighbors due to the smell floating out of her home. Banun Yamin 58 years old contacted the Satun Province Sanook News Team on her issue. She lived in the city of Satun and has been taking care of stray and disabled cats for years now, she currently has about 80 cats under her care.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


The neighbors started complaining after there were so many cats in her home stating that the smell bothered them. Some villagers went to complain to the local Damrongdhama Center stating that the house had a bad smell and caused annoyance to the neighbors. When the district came to inspect the house, they found that she had too many animals under her care which was a breach of the Cruelty Prevention and Welfare of Animal Act, B.E. 2557 (2014).


Banun admits that she had up to 140 cats a lot have died and there are 80 cats left living with her today. Most of the cats were in desperate need, some were abandoned by their previous owners, stray cats attacked by stray dogs, hit and run cases, disabled stray cats, and many were even abandoned in front of her house cause people knew she would take care of them.


She has tried her best to not bother the neighbors. She closes the windows all the time and has a fan connected to the top of the house that filters the air inside her house, sometimes it will let out some bad smell. She cleans up the cats’ toilets and sweeps inside every day, all the trash is placed in a garbage bag and disposed far of the neighbors. The cats live both inside the house and in the backyard.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


Banun has a friend named Suwarnnarat 52 years old that comes to her house and helps out with the cat litter every day, the friend helps carry the trash out 3 times a day so the sand remains fresh with no bad odors. Both of the grannies wish to ask for some kindness, they are not hurting the cats but taking care of them with good intentions. These cats have nowhere to go, they promise that they will always do the best they can to make the cats happy.


The officers signed a contract with them that stated Banun had to loan some money from the bank and move the cats out with her to a new home with some land for the cats to roam in, also to protect any bad smells to bother close neighbors. The contract also states that the cat litter must be kept clean. The district will visit every 7 days to make sure that the cats are safe and clean.


The issue is that Banun can not apply for a loan, she doesn’t know where to place the cats, and most of them will probably end up dying once out on the street. If the neighbors want the cats dead, she cant kill them. If people want her to move out or find a place to stay, then helping her find a possible way out would be a good idea instead of complaining and gossiping. All of the cats are neutered and receive veterinary care.


FB Caption: These cats have nowhere to go, they promise that they will always do the best they can to make the cats happy.


Source: Sanook