Hat Yai shoe shop shines with ‘70s objects

THERE is a shoe shop in the southern city of Hat Yai which is like no other in all of Thailand as it is decorated with objects from the ‘70s and this has turned it into a star attraction, INN News said today (July 10).

The shop, called “Maldives” and located in Muang district of Hat Yai city in Songkhla province, belongs of Maldives Masaman, 43, and is sometimes referred to by clients as “Bang’s Shop.”

While the shop sells shoes and all types of leather goods as well as undertaking special leather craft-work, the exterior of what is actually a two-story wooden house is straight out of the ‘70s as it is decorated with old bicycles and an old children’s car.

Within the shop too the mood is completely ‘70s with there being more old objects which Mr Maldives has collected for 20 years and placed around including an ancient flask, an old rotary dial telephone, old toys, clocks, lamps and lots of things one no longer sees around anymore.

There is even a pair wooden Holland clogs and old postcards from distant lands.


Top: “Maldives” shoe shop in Hat Yai takes you back to the ‘70s. Photo: INN News


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