Heavy rain adds to southerners’ woes

SOUTHERN provinces have been warned by the Meteorological Department that they still face heavy rains and high tides during this period while floodwater in Narathiwat has spread out and now covers many districts, Thai News Agency said today.

Continuous rainfall led to floodwater spreading from three low-lying Narathiwat districts, Cho-airong, Su-ngai Padi and Waeng, to Bacho and Yi-ngo as well. Average floodwater level is one meter and residents have had to move their vehicles and belongings on to roads.

The water level of Narathiwat’s main rivers, Bang Nara, Su-ngai Kolok and Saiburi, is rising steadily especially Saiburi which overflowed and flooded two districts.

Small vehicles have difficulty passing some roads while farmlands are flooded with both rainwater and forest runoffs.

Meanwhile it has been raining for many days in Songkhla and while it did stop last night local people are closely watching the canal water levels, especially U-tapao canal in Sadao district, which has risen higher triggering fears that it could suddenly overflow because it tends to do so often.

District officials in both provinces are fully prepared to help the residents.


Top: Floodwater rips through Narathiwat. Photo: Thai News Agency



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