More heavy rain to lash the South

THE Royal Irrigation Department’s pumps and other equipment are fully prepared to continuously drain floodwater from the South in the face of a Thai Meteorological Department forecast of more heavy rains particularly in eight provinces during January 16 to 18  and again in six of them during January 19-20 , Thai News Agency said today (Jan. 15).

Royal Irrigation Department Deputy Director Somkiat Prajamwong as of today there is 340 million cubic meters of floodwater left to be drained out with the high point being 1 billion cubic meters.

This speedy drainage is because the department sent in more pumps and water jet propulsion units to push the floodwater into the sea.

Some provinces have returned to normal with these being Prachuab Khiri Khan, Chumporn, Trang Patthalung, Songkhla, Pattanai, Yala and Narathiwat while low-lying areas of Nakhon Si Thammarate and Surat Thani are still flooded

In draining out floodwater the department has to also watch out for the upcoming dry season, Mr Somkiat said, adding that if does not rain heavily the situation should return to normal in one to two days.

Meanwhile a separate Thai News Agency report said that the situation at two Surat Thani districts, Khian Sa and Phuphin, is very worrying because the floodwater is still two to three meters high with residents of over 500 households having taken refuge on two highways and are coping without any supply of  electricity.

Moreover Ban Na Derm district, which is the key buffalo farm area, is still flooded forcing around 500 buffaloes to duck into the floodwater to find grass to eat and the authorities are urged to help out.


Top: Parts of Surat Thani are still heavily flooded. Photo: Thai News Agency


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