Heavy smog cloaks Bangkok

THE Pollution Control Department said as smog and fine particulate matter covered Bangkok this morning (Feb. 8), those with respiratory and heart problems should rest indoors and avoid outdoor activities, Thai News Agency reported.

This morning the smog and drop in temperature led to air particles of 2.5 microns (PM 2.5) reaching 69-94 micrograms per cubic meter, with the department’s safety standard being 50 micrograms while the World Health Organization advises 25 micrograms.

Smog tended to increase at five stations, with these being at Bang Na, Wang Thonglang, Intharaphithak and Rama 4 roads and Lad Phrao.

This matched the forecast by the Thai Meteorological Department that it would be misty this morning with the temperature rising 1-3 degrees Celsius, the lowest level being 20-23 degrees Celsius and highest 31-33 degrees Celsius, and 88 percent humidity. This type of condition increases fine particulate matter in the air.

However Dr Rungrueng Kittiphat, director of the Ministry of Public Health’s Bureau of General Communicable Diseases, said the situation of smog and fine particulate matter level in the city, lingering from the end of January till today, seems to have improved.

While there was some smog in certain areas of the city this morning, he said this was not at a dangerous level.

Those with normal heath do not have to worry, Dr Rungrueng mentioned, but advising those with respiratory and heart problems to stay at home and avoid outdoor activities, and if they start feeling unwell they should immediately go to the doctor.


Top: The smog over Bangkok this morning. Photo: Thai News Agency