Help urged after six years of muddy tap water

RESIDENTS of two villages in northern Lampang province appealed for help after coping with muddy tap water for six long years, INN News said today (June 27).

The two villages in Ban Sadet sub-district of Muang district have been getting reddish muddy tap water full of silt since 2011 which has led to their having to buy water for consumption and daily use.

muddy water (1)

The villagers said they could not wash white clothes in this dirty water and some who could not tolerate it at all have been getting their clothes laundered at another village.

Some days the tap water is bright red in color and heavily mixed with mud and sand and they cannot bathe in it. Many residents invested in buying filters but this does not help much because the water is dirty at the source.

The villagers said they have appealed to the agency responsible, which is the waterworks unit at the Tambon Administrative Organisation  (or Bor Tor in Thai) at Ban Sadet sub-district but so far no action has been taken.


Top and inset: A villager shows the muddy water the two Lampang villages have been getting for six years. Photo: INN News



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