Heroin seized shipment to Australia worth 940M.

Department of Customs seized a big shipment of heroin worth 940 million THB planned to travel to Australia. Santi Promphat from the Ministry of Finance, Potch Anansilp from the Department of Customs, Office of the Narcotics Control Board, Ministry of Justice, and other related officials reported the discovery of heroin with a total weight of 314 kilograms worth 940 million THB. The drugs were hidden in acrylic paint containers prepared to ship to Australia. Tawan Rotjit from the Laem Chabang Port Customs Office stated officials working at the port noticed suspicious details on documents related to 2 shipments.


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This included a shipment of paint containers with a total weight of 6,750 kilograms and 135 purple containers. Both shipments were supposed to be on their way to Australia. This led to the inspection of the items. They scanned the items and they appeared different from normal paint shipments. Officials opened up the boxes and found the suspicious substance placed in clear plastic boxes and wrapped in brown plastic tape. Each box weighed 2.4 kilograms. The substance was tested which revealed this was heroin. There are a total of 134 boxes hidden inside the paint containers. The total weight of heroin found is 314 kilograms. The sender is a Thai woman who has been arrested relating to the heroin.


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The suspect claims a man named Ek 38 years old hired her to send the shipments. When policed looked into Ek they discovered he is a member of a big drug gang with history of shipping drugs to Taiwan and Australia. Ek has done this multiple times. Thai police have successfully found 2 shipments previously before they were sent out. The first case is 214 kilograms of heroin hidden in picture frames on the way to Taiwan. The second case is 75 kilograms of heroin hidden in car parts also on the way to Taiwan. The Australian officials have discovered heroin and crystal meth 3 times related to Ek’s drug gang. The drugs were hidden in powder coconut milk, clothes, and coconut milk cans in 2020. Ek is currently hiding in Laos with plans to bring him in.


Credit: INN News


FB Caption: Ek has made multiple drug shipments to Taiwan and Australia.


Source: INN News