Homeless man attacked while feeding stray dog.

A good citizen is asking for help after a homeless man was brutally attacked while feeding a stray dog. Suwamon Taotaweesap, the woman revealed to Kahosod News about a video she posted online. The footage showed a homeless man who survives alone in Chonburi Province. The man has many stitches across his neck, making you think he is lucky to be alive. Suwamon moved to Chonburi not that long ago. She went to the laundromat and the homeless man noticed she was going to cross the road and stated “Be careful of the car’s child”. At first, she was scared because she noticed the stitches. 



She thought he was drunk but they started talking and she quickly realized he was being kind. She asked to record a video and asked him what happened. The uncle said he was in a road accident, but the laundromat owner told her the man was attacked. The uncle receives food from locals and tourists who pass by. He had some leftover food and decided to share some with a stray dog. The wound was extremely large and stretched across his neck. A nurse in the area helped get him medical help without any charges. 



Suwamon stated she noticed the wound is still healing. After talking to the uncle, he has no family and is divorced. He has 2 children aged around 17-18 years old. The uncle states the locals are very kind to him. The restaurants won’t take his money when he tries to pay for food. Tourists often give him money when they see him on the streets. The man sleeps behind the laundromat. The laundromat owner has allowed him to rest behind her shop and has given him a blanket. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The man has many stitches across his neck. 


Source: Khaosod