Homes damaged and destroyed by storm in 8 villages.

Homes have been damaged and destroyed by a storm in 8 villages across Surat Thani Province. Administration officials visited house no. 21/2 in Phra Sang District, Surat Thani. The house was totally destroyed at 3 am on 4 August 2020. Most of the roof has fallen down and the garage crashed down. The Bang Sawan Sub District Administration Organization has organized 400 roof tiles to help repair the villager’s home. 


Credit: Khaosod


Rachan Churak 45 years old the owner of the home stated that it happened when there was very little rain. There were strong winds for about 2 hours, it was like nothing he ever felt before. Then roof tiles started flying off one by one until there was almost nothing left covering his home. Rachan decided to take his family out of the home and together they sat under a big tree until morning came. They are now staying at a relative’s home while they wait for the repairs to complete. 


There is another home no. 32/1 also in Phra Sang destroyed by the storm. This 2nd home is 3 kilometers away from the 1st home. Pennapa 37 years old, the owner of the home stated that the roof has been literally blown away from the storm. All rooms inside including the kitchen and the bathroom have been damaged because a big tree fell on top of her already roof-less home. The Bang Sawan Sub District Administration has given a budget of 20,000 THB to help buy construction materials for the home. Villagers in the area have created a support team and are working to repair the home. Pennapa is expecting to move back into her house by tonight. 


Credit: Khaosod


Tawatch Hongbin the Bang Sawan village chief stated that he has received reports of many homes damaged and destroyed in the area. There are 8 villages affected including villages in Moo 2,4,5,8,9,11,13, and 14. At least 40 homes have been affected and 2 homes totally destroyed. The local officials are working on the repair processes to help villagers return to their homes. Officials from the Provincial Electricity Authority have repaired utility poles in the area so locals have access to electricity. 


FB Caption: 2 homes are completely destroyed by the storm, with no roof to sit under. 


Source: Khaosod