Hospital calls in the wrong daughter to visit Covid-19 patient.

A woman went to visit her father after the hospital called and informed her that the father is sick with Covid-19. The woman was confused as the man wasn’t her father. The hospital further claimed that he is so unwell that his face has changed. This is a very confusing case as the real daughter was found and revealed she had a funeral for her father in January, so who did they cremate at the temple? Tajsupa 33 years old went to provide more information for officials at the Pathumthani City Police Station. She went to file a report on the night of 8 March 2022 after her father named Teera 66 years old went to the hospital with Covid-19 and went missing. The daughter asked the police to help find her father and the reason he went missing. 



The father was referred to the hospital from the nursing home he was in during January 2022. On the 7th of this month, the hospital called the daughter and informed her Teera was in critical condition and this may be the last time she gets to visit her father. Tajsupa recognized this was not her father but the name tag on the bed was her father’s name. Medical personnel stated information showed this is her father and the sickness may have changed his appearance. The daughter tried to find out who the man was by calling the nursing home. The caregiver who took care of her father for 7 years also visited the man and stated this was not her father but a man named Bunna. Bunna was reported to have died on 23 January 2022 from Covid-19. 



Bunna’s real daughter was contacted and stated the funeral took place on 24 January 2022 at the Wat Hong Temple in Pathum Thani Province. Bunna’s daughter visited him and confirmed this was really her father and she does not know who was cremated at the funeral. The daughters hope that the hospital can give them answers. Tajsupa also wants to know what medications were used with her father as he already has health issues that require certain medications. If the name tags were switched then how about their medical information. The hospital has invited Tajsupa in to talk but did not allow the media to join the meeting. 



FB Caption: The real daughter stated there was a funeral for her father in January 2022. 


Source: Sanook