Hotel accuses guest of stealing 4 pillows.

A woman shared her experience online after a 5-star hotel accused her of stealing 4 pillows. The hotel has filed a report and the woman will do whatever she can to prove her innocence. The hotel notified her that 4 pillows went missing after she stayed in the room. The girl insists that she never took any pillows from the hotel and has evidence of the truth. After the response, the hotel withdrew the police report. Facebook user “Momo Pnomuty” stated that she stayed at a 5-star hotel in Bangkok. Momo likes to try out different hotels and often reviews her experience.



The guest checked in to the hotel and started taking pictures as she always does. She also requested for extra pillows before going to bed. The hotel experience was like other luxury hotels afterwards. After Momo checked out the hotel called her asking for missing pillows. The guest notified the hotel that did not take any pillows back with her. Momo went to spend a week in Hua Hin afterwards. When she returned home there was a notice stating she had stolen 9 pillows from the hotel. The hotel then corrected their statement stating that only 4 pillows went missing. Momo showed the same suitcase that was used when checking in to the hotel.



The suitcase was very small, and it was impossible to place 4 pillows inside. She also had security camera footage from when she was leaving the hotel showing her with the exact same amount of baggage from when she arrived. A meeting was arranged to show evidence at the police station. Momo had a lot of footage of when she was in the hotel, she took a lot of videos and pictures from the moment she arrived at the hotel. During investigation Momo waited over an hour for the security footage from the hotel. After the wait, the hotel returned stating their cameras were not working. In the end the hotel withdrew their police report stating that the hotel changed their mind and did not want to press any charges.


Credit; Khaosod


FB Caption: During the investigation, the hotel claimed the CCTV system was not working.


Source: Khaosod