Huge amount of trash washes up on Pattaya beach

A HEAVY storm dumped garbage across  Pattaya’s famous Wong Amart beach and while officials are quickly clearing the mess a former deputy governor says  not enough bins have been placed here, INN News said today (Sept. 19).

Among the trash are lots of plastic bottles and bags plus pieces of wood and other waste.

Ms Amporn Pongwiset, an official at Pattaya Environment Office, said once or twice a year garbage does wash up and litter the beach but this year there is a bigger pile than normal. This would be both because the storm blew it ashore from the sea and fresh water flowing into the sea taking trash along with it.

Collecting trash Pattaya

Meanwhile Thirawut Siriwan, a former deputy governor of Chonburi, said that Wong Amart beach was previously very beautiful and he himself lived here for 7 to 8 years but things have changed over the past 3 to 4 years as there is a lot of garbage littered around.

He accuses officials of not focusing enough on this problem and also mentioned that whenever he visits the beach he does go around collecting plastic bags.

He added that Wong Amart beach does not have garbage bins all along and would like agencies in charge to quickly resolve this problem particularly so because tourists spend a lot of money coming here and upon seeing the state this beach is in it would ruin the reputation of this internationally-famous beach resort.


Top: Piles of trash on Wong Amart beach which some workers are clearing. Photo: INN News

Inset: Wong Amart beach looking lots better after the trash was collected. Photo: INN News