Huge stash of Kratom leaves seized in jungle

A HUGE stockpile of Kratom leaves weighing 1,180 kilograms has been seized in a deep forest within Khao Nam Khang National Park  in southern Songkhla province, INN News reported today (March 2).

A military and border patrol police unit together with  Mr Prith Narasarnkul, head of this national park, found the illegal narcotic leaves hidden in a makeshift hut deep in the forest in Sadao district of this province.

The big amount of Kratom leaves were bundled and filled into sacks but no suspects were found within the vicinity.

Kratom 4 (1)

The raiding team suspect that this big lot of Kratom leaves came from a neighboring country for distribution in Songkhla and the 3 southern border provinces. They are also certain that the trafficking was bankrolled by a big financier.

As this is among the biggest seizures of this drug this year, police are quickly investigating to break up the trafficking network.


Top and in-text; Over one metric ton of Kratom leaves found in a makeshift forest hut in Songkhla. Photos: INN news