Huge traffic jam after trailer truck overturns on Motorway

A BAD accident took place on the Motorway heading for Pattaya at 2 p.m. today (July 28, 2018) with a trailer truck crashing through the median barrier and slamming into several vehicles on the opposite side leading to unconfirmed number of deaths and injuries, reported.

According to JS 100 radio, the accident occurred at kilometer 73 of the Motorway in Chonburi and Highway Police are rushing to take the injured victims to the hospital.

With the trailer truck obstructing most of the outbound side of the Motorway, a 7-kilometer long tailback had built up.

At 3 p.m. a crane had come in to remove the trailer truck and it was expected to complete the difficult task in an hour’s time.


Top: The trailer truck lying horizontally across the other side of the Motorway after accident. Photo:

Below: The rear of the trailer truck resting on the Motorway’s median barrier. Photo: