Hunt for boxing stadium president’s attackers

POLICE are expanding their investigation of a violent attack on the chairman of a Lumpini Boxing Stadium board and the murder of a guard who tried to defend him, Thai News Agency said today (March 28).

Udom Deekrachang, chairman of Lumpini Boxing Stadium’s referee board, was seriously injured when a man hit his head with a hard object in front of the stadium on March 24 with the attacker’s accomplice who drove the getaway motorcycle shooting to death a  guard who ran to help.

Police have obtained court approved arrest warrants for the two suspects and have also questioned seven people. They are quickly expanding their investigation of this crime as they have a CCTV image of the gunman and have called other people involved for questioning.


Top: The CCTV image showing the gunman shooting to death a guard who tried to help the boxing stadium’s chairman. Photo: Thai News Agency




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