Hunt for tourist who disrespected Buddha image

POLICE are hunting for a tourist who climbed up and sat on a Buddha image at the Ayutthaya Historical Park earlier this week, Thai News Agency reported today (March 10).

A photo of this tourist doing so was taken by a Facebook user who shared it on social media triggering a storm of criticism. This person also said that the picture was taken on March 7.

The management of Ayutthaya Historical Park, who filed a complaint against this tourist,  said this Buddha image is at Wat Yai Chai Monkhon within the park. The temple has taken action implementing additional measures and putting up more warning signs.

Police initially believe the tourist in the photo is from China and came here on her own and is traveling around on a rented motorcycle but the license number is not known.


Top: The tourist disrespecting a Buddha image by climbing up and sitting on it. Photo: Thai News Agency