Hunt for woman who drugged, stole from 2 tourists

CHIANG Mai police are hunting for a middle-aged woman who drugged and stole cash and other valuables from 2 foreign men holidaying in Thailand, killing one of them, and using their credit cards to buy millions of baht worth of diamonds, Thai  News Agency reported today (August 26, 2018).

Police obtained photos of the suspect who is around 50 years old and was wearing a black long-sleeved shirt. They are uncertain whether she is a Thai or a foreigner.

Police are gearing up to put out an arrest warrant for this woman.

wanted killer

Her technique was to go to a beer bar and strike up friendship with a foreign man and then asking for his phone number. Later she would call him and ask to visit him at his hotel room. Once there she would order a cup of coffee for the victim, and while he was off-guard, laced it with poison and gave it to him to drink.

Once unconscious, she took all his valuables including credit cards and escaped.

She struck twice this past week, killing an Indian man on Monday and seriously poisoning an American man the very next day.

She has used their credit cards to buy millions of baht of diamonds.


Top and in-text: The middle-aged woman wanted for drugging and stealing from tourists. Photos: Thai News Agency

First below: Police and rescuers at the hotel room of the Indian man who died on Monday after being drugged. Photo: Thai News Agency

Second below: Some of the victims’ belongings. Photos: Thai News Agency


murder scene