Husband confused, wife suddenly gives birth to daughter.

A wife suddenly gave birth to a new daughter after not realizing she was pregnant. The husband was confused and shocked after becoming a father to his 3rd child. A 25-year-old woman gave birth on 14 September 2020 at 00.30. The Rescue team from the Chularat 3 Hospital received notification about a woman giving birth at a building in Bang Sao Thong District, Samut Prakan Province. Officials from the hospital and the local Ruam Katanyu Rescue Team went to inspect the location. 


The rescue team arrived at the building and went to the 75th floor and found Duangdao 25-year-old bleeding. Near Duangdao was a newborn baby crying. The baby is strong and healthy full of energy. Members tried to help the mother but she was strong enough to walk so they helped her come down the building to the ambulance. The team helped cut the umbilical cord before delivering both mother and daughter to the Bang Phli Hospital. 


The team met Off the husband, Off revealed that this is their 3rd child together. Both husband and wife had no clue that the wife was pregnant so they never went to the hospital. In the morning the wife started having stomach aches so she took the day off from work. When Off returned home from work Duangdao stated that she was having serious cramps. Shortly after a baby came out of the wife. Both mother and daughter seemed healthy so they notified the rescue team about the recent discovery. 


Credit: Sanook


Off is extremely happy and excited about having a 3rd child. The husband reveals that this is not the first time as their 2nd child was born without Duangdao realizing she was pregnant either. The 2nd child was an ectopic pregnancy. This time Off didn’t suspect anything and believed his wife just gained some weight until a baby came out of her. 


FB Caption: The wife started having stomach cramps before a baby came out of her. 


Source: Sanook