Identity of southern car theft gang known

POLICE investigators know the identity of the robbers who raided a second-hand car dealership in Pattani and drove off with six vehicles yesterday, INN News said today (August 17).

Of the seven robbers two covered there faces but the other five did not and police are getting ready to issue arrest warrants for four of them in one to two days because one of them was killed in a clash.

This gang is part of an old group which has taken responsibility for causing unrest at the border between Songkhla and Pattani provinces with there only being one new person and that person is now dead.

The suspects planned to use the stolen vehicles to cause further unrest in the three southern provinces by using the six vehicles simultaneously to do so. However all six vehicles have been recovered with there only being one not accounted for and that is the Mazda pickup they drove to Pattani in.

Meanwhile, Col. Pramote Phrominn, a spokesman for Internal Security Division 4, gave a press conference about this daring raid on the car dealership yesterday as follows:

1.       At 4.30 am yesterday about 10 insurgents dressed as officials stole a Mazda pickup truck in Pattanai and took a couple hostage but released them unharmed at 2 pm.

2.       At 11.30 pm the insurgents used this stolen vehicle to steal six more vehicles from Wangto Car Center in Songkhla and took the owner and three workers hostage and later fired upon them leading to one person, Saharat Laenee, dying.

 After this officials set up checkpoints in all key and subordinate routes and this led to a clash at a police checkpoint in which one the robbers, Norarsan, 27, died and a pistol was seized.

 Moreover six of the stolen vehicles have been recovered with there being one left and this is the Mazda pickup truck registered in Narathiwat.

3.       This success was due to all sides working together and also helped by the public who gave information leading to the insurgents not being able to take the vehicles to cause further unrest.


Top: Wangto Car Center in Songkhla from where six vehicles were stolen. Photo: INN News


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