Illegal workers arrested at Train Night Market Srinikarin

Immigration Police arrested illegal workers at the famous Train Night Market Srinakarin. This is a night market well known to locals as a great location for food and shopping. Officials also found a wanted Thai citizen with an arrest warrant out in his name.


Officials from the Immigration Police Division 1 went to inspect the market after citizens notified officials of many illegal workers working at the Srinakarin Night Market. The Division organized a plan and gathered all necessary officials to take action. The notifications stated that illegal workers can be found throughout the whole market working out in public, these workers don’t hold the proper required documents such as work permits and Thai Visas.


The Srinakarin Night Market is very large with many people, it is one of the most popular night destinations for foodies and shoppers in Thailand. There had to be enough officials to surround the market so that the illegal workers wouldn’t be able to escape the mission. Right away officials spotted suspicious workers at almost every corner. They all had to be inspected without interruption, thankfully the plan worked and shoppers watched as the police worked. Before planning the mission, officials surveyed the market, took pictures and videos of the market security guards, stalls and restaurants with suspicious workers.


Credit: INN News


As police slowly entered the market trying to blend in with the crowd, the market security guards suspected that something was happening and informed sellers in the market. Officials gathered as many suspects as possible in the short time available before the workers realized what was happening. Although some probably got away many were trapped. A total of 42 illegal immigrants were arrested, 9 had no Visa and were living in the nation illegally, 20 didn’t have working permits, and 13 didn’t have the required documents necessary to work at the night market.


While officials were gathering possible illegal immigrants, a Thai man started acting suspiciously around the police. The police had a talk with the man and turned out Apiwat is a wanted person with an arrest warrant out in his name issued by the Surin Provincial Court. All 43 suspects have been sent to the Immigration Police for prosecution.


FB Caption: While officials were gathering possible illegal immigrants, a Thai man started acting suspiciously around the police.


Source: INN News