Illegal workers in police chase, 2 injured after truck flips over.

A high number of illegal workers are attempting to enter Thailand as Covid-19 numbers rise higher in Myanmar. A group of illegal workers on 2 different vehicles was involved in a police chase that ended with one truck flipped over. As a result, 2 illegal workers have been critically injured. Police are working 24/7 in 5 Districts on the Myanmar border, Tak Province. This includes Umpang District, Pob Phra District, Mae Sot District, Tha Song Yang District, and Ramad District. Officials from the Mae Ramad Police Station in Mae Ramad Sub-district were at Saiban Namphueng-Ban Nam Dip Road on 29 August 2020. The time was 01.30 when they noticed a black truck with a Tak Province License plate. 


Credit: Sanook


The empty truck headed to the border in Mae Sot District. After 1 hour 2 trucks came out from where the first truck was headed. Officials revealed themselves and pulled the vehicles aside. The first truck drove away starting a police chase before the other truck was shocked by seeing police and drove into a personal police car. The car belonged to Police Senior Sergeant Major Wanchai Singhalo from the Tak Immigration Police, the officer was slightly injured. Inside the truck were 13 Burmese inside, 10 men and 3 women, all entered Thailand illegally. The driver was Surasak 30 years old a local in Tak Province. 


Credit: Sanook


The suspect admitted that he picked up the workers from the border after they traveled in through natural passageways. The plan was to deliver them at Sam Muen Sub-district, Mae Ramad District. Another vehicle would pick them up to other locations. The workers would have to pay 12,000-13,500 THB depending on where they wanted to go. Officials were notified from Mae Ramad District that 2 workers have been critically injured from an accident. Their truck had flipped over as a result of the police chase. Other officials working in Tak on the same day reported spotting 6 more trucks driving fast to and from the border. These trucks were likely to all have been carrying illegal workers. 


FB Caption: A lot of Burmese are coming through the border as Covid-19 numbers rise higher in Myanmar. 


Source: Sanook