Integrated ticketing being launched soon

A LIMITED introduction of integrated ticketing takes place in Bangkok in August this year with a full cover likely within six to seven months of the takeoff, Transport Ministry’s Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning said recently.

Commuters who buy the new Mangmoom (Spider) tickets will be able to use that one ticket to travel on all modes of city transportation, be it BTS, MRT and Airport Link trains or buses and ferries. It is also likely that the planned high-speed train routes will be added to the system.


A trial run of these unified tickets will take place between MRT and the new purple rail line running from Bang Ya and Bang Sue from August 6, 2016 and after that it will be expanded to BTS and Airport Link lines.

This government agency plans to table a proposal to the Cabinet either this or next month that a public-private joint venture be set up with the state holding 50 percent stake to manage integrated ticketing.

Aside from the convenience, commuters could possibly enjoy 20-50% discount.


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