Internet conmen pocket donations for injured dogs and cats

SEVEN victims and a monk urged Technology Crime Suppression Division police to take action against scammers who used pictures of injured dogs and cats to solicit donations for them but pocketed the cash instead, Thai News Agency said today (June 23).

The swindlers both opened their own Facebook pages to solicit these donations by posting moving photos of injured animals and text and also posted the same material on some other websites.

Ms Surawadi Srisuksawat, one of the damaged parties, said she is the administrator of “Rak Mah” (Love Dogs) page and noticed that some people had posted pictures and text of these animals seeking donations to help them and the public was fooled into transferring as much as 10,000 baht at a time but she later found out that the same pictures, text and account number was posted at five to six other pages with total donations received estimated to reach 100,000 baht.

Ms Surawadi then contacted and got together with others who had been conned by these swindlers.

She added that this group of conmen continuously changed their names, surnames and account numbers to hide their tracks and when any conversation was started it was usually immediately blocked.

The monk who accompanied this group of victims is from Wat Ninsukharam temple in Bang Bon area and he said his temple takes care of injured dogs and cats but some people have take photos of some of them to pocket the donations.


Top: Injured animal donation scam victims show some of the evidence they collected at Technology Crime Suppression Division. Photo: Thai News Agency



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