Intoxicated tourist in Pattaya acting out

On the night of 5th November, Pattaya police received complaints of a drunk tourist causing problems in front of the Pattaya City Police Station in Chonburi Province. Police Captain Chainarong Chaiyain went to investigate the issue at hand and found a tourist in an extremely intoxicated manner walking around the police station.


Credit: Workpoint, Sanook
Credit: Workpoint, Sanook


The intoxicated man turned out to be a male Norwegian tourist with a big body structure. By the time the police arrived, the Norwegian has caused a list of issues affecting the public safety. He broke windows around the police station, then went along to smash the public police vehicle before going into the traffic control room to find items that he later threw onto the police vehicle. After destroying the windows and the vehicle at the Pattaya City Police Station, he decided to take a break and went for a run along the beach.


After a while, he returned to the area, this time he removed the lightbulbs that were lining the roads and played with them like a football while also sharing by throwing them at cars passing by. The lightbulbs were placed there from the Pattaya city, as public property. His behavior caused great fear towards the locals and tourists that were going on as there usual activity around Pattaya city.




After the Norwegian noticed that the police have caught on to his activity and were now following him, he decided to enter a convenience store with the attempts of trying to hide from the police. But, not so long after he entered the store, he started to damage the shelves and products inside the store by throwing them around. Before any more damage could be done, and as a protection of safety for those around him, the police decided to quickly take charge and arrested the dangerous individual.


The police then put him in handcuffs to protect from any further danger. The police have not yet discovered whether he was intoxicated from alcohol or something otherwise. He is currently being detained at the police station at least until he appears to gain his composure.


FB Caption: The Worse place to be when your drunk is in front of the police station…


Source: Workpoint, Sanook