Iranians held with fake US dollars in Pattaya

AN Iranian gang was arrested in Pattaya for exchanging a counterfeit 100 US dollar bill at a money exchange outlet and holding nine other such fake notes, INN News reported today (Oct. 20).

Pol. Col. Apichai Krobpetch, head Pattaya police station, and police investigators there said they had arrested Mr.  Majid, 30, Mr Hamid, 36, and Mr Mahdi, 31, all Iranian nationals who had nine fake 100 US dollar bills in their possession.

Iranian suspect fake dollars

The arrest followed a call from Winner Excellent money exchange booth at the entrance of soi 6 on Pattaya 2 Road that three Iranians had exchanged a fake 100-dollar note for Thai currency.

The Iranian suspects admitted that they brought the dollar bills with them from Iran and used these notes in Pattaya with this being their first trip to Thailand.

They were charged with holding and intending to use counterfeit banknotes which they brought into this country knowing that they were fake and were taken to Pattaya police station for further questioning and legal action.


Top: The passports of the three Iranian suspects and the fake US dollars that they were holding. Photo: INN News

Inset: The three Iranian suspects with police detectives. Photo: INN News