Jealous boyfriend livestreams bashing up girlfriend

A YOUNG Thai man broadcast live on Facebook his vicious attack on his girlfriend as he hurled threats to kill her at a condominium with netizens quickly sharing the video clip which helped Bueng Khum police locate the building and help the woman, Thai News Agency reported this morning (April 23).

Upon being questioned, the suspect said he hit his girlfriend with a broomstick out of jealousy, but the woman had to be rushed to the hospital after bleeding profusely through cuts with a sharp object on her left hand and wounds from broken glass on her head.

Police said the beating started at around 5 p.m. yesterday.

Netizen helped Bueng Khum police locate the condominium on Navamin road by sharing the 11-minute long video clip. One of them posted the message below:

“Mr M Chaichana Sirichart, administrator of Global Fx Investment page, livestreamed himself threatening to kill a woman, very frightening, anyone who knows this condo please inform the police .”


Top: A still from the livestreamed video clip showing the suspect bashing up his girlfriend. Photo: Thai News Agency

Below: The suspect being taken to Bueng Kum police station. Photo: Thai News Agency

Beating suspect arrested