Jealous wife repeatedly slashes husband

A THAI man was severely slashed all over his body by his jealous wife in southern Chumphon province last night and was left moaning in a pool of by the roadside, reported today (July 24, 2018).

When the Na Sak police team and rescuers arrived at the scene they found the victim, Mr Anond, 38, with a big cut on his head and his left arm almost severed plus many other cuts all over his body. He was quickly rushed to the hospital.

The victim’s relatives said he had been living with his wife, Nid, 45, for over a year now with both of them being construction workers. However, lately they had been quarreling frequently so Anond moved out, but still continued to visit is wife.

Last evening he again visited her, and after another fierce quarrel they suspect  Nid slashed him repeatedly out of jealousy.

Police have arrested Nid, whose house is just 10 meters away from where Anond was found, and seized a foot-long knife and 3 thick sticks.


Top: Anond lying in a pool of blood last night. Photo: