Jobless man leaps to his death from 10th floor condo

A YOUNG Thai man who was very depressed at not being able to get a job jumped to his death from a 10th floor condominium  in neighboring Nonthaburi province last night, reported this morning (August 17, 2018).

Police at Pak Kret station rushed to a condominium on Bond Street where in front of building T8 they found Mr Nopkaw, 32, lying dead on the ground with his wife wailing as she hugged his dead body.

She later told police that while she worked as a vendor, her husband was really stressed at not being able to get a job and had often complained out of despair that he no longer wanted to continue living on this earth.

She added that before he jumped to his death he had been walking up and down the condo in deep thought, and she had tried to console him.

However just when she was not looking, he went to the balcony and jumped down even as she ran to stop him, but it was too late.

Police have sent his body for a forensic examination after which it will be released to his relatives for a funeral service.


Top: The condo where a jobless young man committed suicide last night. Photo: