Karaoke bar girl murder reenacted amid tight security

POLICE took three young suspects in the sensational and grisly murder of a karaoke bar girl to reenact their crime in Khon Kaen’s Muang district today (June 5) with Deputy National Police Chief Chalermkiat Srivorakan personally being in charge of the procedure, Thai News Agency said.

The reenactment was not carried out in the order of events but according to the route to save time.

The first stop police took the three suspects, Priyanuch Nonwangchai or Preaw, Kawita Rachada or Earn and Apiwan Satayabundit or Jae who are charged with murdering and mutilating the body Warisara Klinjui or Em, to was a resort at this Northeastern city’s suburbs which is where they chopped the victim’s body after carrying it from the car to the toilet near the resort’s entrance. The compact SUV used in the crime was also used in the reenactment.

Karaoke one

Police said their images were caught in the resort’s CCTV and Praew looking very beautiful also gave her name to the resort’s owner and the suspects did not pay for their room.

The second stop was a convenience store where the suspects bought black garbage bags and the third stop, only a 100 meters away, a hardware store where they bought cement, a saw, a water tank, a shovel and more garbage bags.

Karaoke three

The fourth stop was the entrance of the lane to the victim’s hostel where the suspects picked up the victim with a convenience store security camera catching their images as they did so.

At all the stops lots of people gathered to look on and some were angry and shouted abuses amid tight security but overall the enactment proceeded smoothly.

Two other stops, a restaurant where the suspects plotted to pick up the victim in the vehicle and where they rented the compact SUV, was not reenacted because they are minor points in the case but the final stop was where the suspects buried the victim’s body.

The three suspects who had escaped to Myanmar were returned to Thailand over the weekend.


Top and inset: The reenactment of the grisly murder of a karaoke bar girl taking place in Khon Kaen today. Photo: Thai News Agency

Below: The three suspects as Myanmar authorities handed them over to their Thai counterparts in Chiang Rai on Saturday. Photo: Thai News Agency

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