Karaoke bar hits Korean tourist with 160,000 baht bill

A KOREAN tourist’s visit to a karaoke bar in the middle of northern Chiang Mai city turned into a nightmare when he was handed a 160,000 baht bill, which he paid with his credit card, Sanook.com reported this morning (Oct 5, 2018).

Upon reporting the huge charge to Chiang Mai police, it was discovered that the karaoke bar he visited had borrowed the credit card  machine from another one, called Karaoke Forever, with the latter not involved in overcharging him.

After talks with the bar in question, the Korean tourist got over 50,000 baht back.

However he is going back to the police station today to negotiate for the return of additional sum.

Forever Karaoke owner Mr Kasem Laomee, 26, confirmed to the press that this Korean tourist did not visit his shop, which is on Charoen Prathet road, but another one on  Sridonchai road,  which had borrowed his credit card machine.

He added that he does not know all the details but did find out that this tourist spent many hours at room at the other karaoke bar and ordered lots of drinks plus called in many girls.


Top and below: The Korean tourist who was overcharged at a karaoke bar in Chiang Mai. Photos: Thai News Agency

Korean tourist at police station