Karen man finally gets Thai ID – at age 107

“This is the happiest day in my life,” Kor-ee Meemi said, flashing a brand new Thai identity card in front of journalists and supporters at Kaeng Krajan District Office in Phetburi Province this morning (July 31, 2018).

The Karen man has been living in the Thai border area of Kaeng Kachan since he was born there in 1911, making a living by cultivating cash crops.

Thai human rights committee member Tuenjai Deetes said Mr Kor-ee’s application for Thai citizenship is supported by people who have known him since he was born.

Ms Tuenjai said many stateless people are still living in the Thai-Myanmar borer area with no citizenship, and the Thai government should try to help them.


Top: Kor-ee Meemi gives a wai upon being photographed for a Thai ID card. Photo: Sanook.com

By Songpol Kaopatumtip